There’s nothing quite like walking the majestic streets of Rome on a breezy day! The gentle wisps of air carry with them the most seductive fragrances. The combination of native floras and mouth-watering delights from nearby homes and trattorias work in unison to create a beautiful feast for the senses.

At Café Baci, we strive to perfectly recreate the full Italian experience. From the moment you walk through our door, you sense the difference and you feel the culture. The atmosphere here is enchanting and peaceful, the Italian cuisine reminiscent of that created by some of the greatest Italian Chefs.

Relax and enjoy your stay with us. Savor the delicate flavors of history. Close your eyes, breathe deeply….you are in Italy, if but only for a moment.

Buon appetito!

Roberto Mei invites you to discover Café Baci’s authentic Northern Italian cuisine and personal service. Featuring recipes refined over five generations.


"Best Italian Restaurant in Sarasota"

Since 1995 by the Sarasota Herald Tribune